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Xemda specializes in CG Animation, digital models, high end images and multimedia presentations for clients in the architectural design and real estate field. Combined, these activities highlight the different sections of the firm's many specialized activities. The formation of Xemda has brought together a wide variety of specialist consultants from different fields, and by combining their individual skills and expertise to create a unique hybrid company, we can provide cost effective and highly efficient services to our many valued clients.
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3D visualization service, perspective
rendering, 提供3D電腦效果圖, 3D圖, 室內設計效果圖, 建築透視圖, computer rendering, photo-realistic
architectural rendering in Shenzhen, interior design simulation, visualization
service for architecture, interior design, events, exhibitions, products, 3d
service, 3d modeling, 3d rendering, perspectives, 建築表現圖, 3D繪圖, 三維繪圖,