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    Products - Investment Casting

    Investment casting also can be called precise casting or lost wax casting or de-waxing casting ". The casting materials can widely be used and no limitation for product shape as well as complex structure.

    The most important characteristic of investment casting is the closer tolerance control, fewer or no machining allowance, and better surface finish. In the casting industry, the investment casting can be used instead of other casting methods, so as to reduce machining allowance and the cost, improve the dimensional precision and surface finish, so as to meet the requirements of a higher level product.

    Besides investment casting in sodium silicate and silica sol technology, some other capabilities are as follows:

    1. Rough and precision machining
    CNC and machine tools could feed your machining requirements.

    2. Mould design
    Strong mould-making capabilities aided by advanced CNC machining centers, sometimes CAD files can be directly used for rapid tooling by CAM technique, precious time is saved.

    3. Polish
    We have the strongest process of polishing contained grinding, polishing and electric-polishing.

    4. Equipment
    Our company is one of the earlier investment casting companies in China . The equipments for silica sol technology process are especially perfect. Both the ability and the quality of our equipment are in the first class in China.

    5. Technology support
    We have the strongest engineering ability in the investment casting field in China, which guarantees the successful development of investment castings and secondary treated products. By communicating with our company, you will find that your ideas and designs can be realized quickly and satisfactorily.

    Generally we arrange manufacture as customer's design. What you should offer might be drawings, or samples, or ready-made dies, even or your idea, before we start our service for you. Over the years, we has become well known throughout the precision casting field in China for the high quality of product, professional service to clients, swift delivery, and modern management.



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