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    Products - Precision Machined Parts


    Kmart's Precision Machined Parts Used By Top Manufacturers
    For many years,Xemda Plastics & Steel Mold Co., Ltd., Inc. has been one of China¡¯s leading producers of precision machined parts and components. High-quality precision machined parts from Xemda Plastics & Steel Mold Co., Ltd. can be found in many of the consumer products manufactured by some of the most trusted brand names in the world, including Bird, Helio, Sanling and Fabrinet,etc.

    Our OEM Machined Parts Capabilities
    Our expertise lies not only in the precision machining processes that we utilize, but also in the numerous in-house secondary operations that we perform, such as metal gear hobbing, centerless grinding services, spline rolling, broaching, CNC turning,CNC milling,CNC lathing, auto lathing and induction heat treating services. Precision parts from Xemda Plastics & Steel Mold Co., Ltd. utilize robotic welding and sub-assembly services.

    Providing High-Quality Precision Machined Parts With Lowest Cost
    In cooperation with our partner network of China machining companies, we deliver the lowest possible overall cost for your precision parts. At the same time we are providing the security of knowing that we are also tooled up and running a percentage of your machined parts right here in China at one of our our eight-art manufacturing facilities -- all producing the highest quality products. .

    We Can Even Help With The Design Of Your Precision Machined Parts
    Xemda engineers are obsessed with producing your precision machined parts in the most cost efficient manner. They are available and ready to help with the design of your parts so that costs are minimized and manufacturing efficiencies are maximized. If necessary, we can even place one of our engineers in our plants on a full time basis. Now, that is what we call being a total solutions provider and the reason why so many of our customers look to Xemda International for all of their precision machining needs.

    Whatever your samples, drawings and tooling needs are, we are always your Total Manufacturing Solution. Please get in touch with us, and we will make you as successful as our customers.


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