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    Home - Quality Control

    What does Xemda's maintaining these quality standards mean for its customers?

    Besides our in-process multi-point Statistical Process Control (SPC) inspection (which utilizes our well-appointed quality laboratory) we also perform an intensive and detailed first and last piece inspection and ongoing dock audits.

    We believe the combination of these four programs assure us and our customers that all products are consistently produced in accordance with all documented tolerances/dimensions and requirements.

    Our SPC program is sophisticated in what it can report for our production records/analysis as well as any specific customer-reporting requirement.

    Given time, some customers use these reports to by pass their own receiving inspection and implement "Dock to Stock" of our products directly into their inventory, saving them labor dollars and time.

    It is through the definitions of our quality standard that we have developed and maintained simple operation instructions and diagrams for all production tasks.

    We have proven the benefit of well-written instructions, and where appropriate, Fool Proof tooling make for effective and efficient operations.

    Absolute traceability. Utilizing our SPC program, Xemda Plastics & Steel Mold Co., Ltd. is able to track production from receiving inspection of raw materials to the final auditing of a completed shipment.

    With this synergy of information we have been able to compile reports and analysis that more clearly and with greater frequency define the state of specific programs or overall business trends. And it is with this information that we can be better informed to make better decisions.

    We strive to be a supplier that can help our customers be competitive, because we know the only way our business will grow is if our customer grows first.



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