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    Products - stamping Parts


    Stamping is one of several core competencie at K-Mark factories. We specialize in close tolerance, high volume, progressive die design,precision metal form stampings and assemblies.
    Our focus is on progressive and transfer die stamping processes. We are experts at forming a variety of materials to include:

    Stainless Steel
    Brass & Copper
    Alloy Steel
    Cold Rolled Steel
    Hot Rolled Steel
    Mild Steel
    Carton Steel
    Plating & painting

    In thicknesses that range from .5mm to 8mm in thickness.
    Whenever possible we perform as many cost saving operations "in die":

    Nut insertion
    Stud insertion
    Cam pierce various holes
    Cam form
    In die pre-assembly forms The press lines we operate range from 10 ton to 1000 ton

    Xemda Plastics & Steel Mold Co., Ltd. is competing in the global market of today by committing to the automation needed to drive out cost and increase precision and reliability.

    Now please send your blueprints to maket@null.net, we are sure we can custom you a best solution!



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