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Membrane switch

Membrane switch is a type of keypad, which can be touched lightly. It is a newly developed type of electronic device. It has both the advantages of the electronic machine products and the controlling system of the electronic device. Membrane switch has many characteristics, such as light and slim, dust-proof, insulation, anti-shock and easy assembly. By virtue of those features, membrane switch are extensively applied in medical device, industrial control, home electronics, and precise instrument industries etc.


Graphic overlay can be textured in either matt, gloss or a range of custom finishes in between. A matt textured finish is very common. Windows can be printed on matt polyester to allow clarity for LCD and LED displays and the windows can also be tinted in a variety of colors.

Metal-dome is a tactile device which are inserted in the membrane switch to give a physical tactile response when pressed (Clicked). It can be designed as part of a circuit or above circuit. A range of sizes are available. Another tactile device is polyester dome. It is an alternative to metal dome which is created by permanently forming one layer of the membrane into a dome shape.

Backlighting is frequently seen in many devices. The most effective are Electro Luminescent Backlighting (EL) and optical fiber. We can offer EL-backlight membrane switch with perfect combination technique.

Electronic equipment must be protected from unanticipated behavior caused by RFI. We can offer membrane switch with shielding layer if needed.

It is possible to incorporate mounted devices such as LEDs and resistors with membrane switch. This may save allow costs savings in PCB design while allow flexible placement of the PCB.


Metal-dome type

Poly-dome type

Flat type




With rubber overlay

With LEDs and shielding

Graphic overlay


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