Welcome to Xemda Packaging! Xemda Packaging professionally manufacture all kinds of printing & packaging products,such as jewelry box,gift box,wooden box,paper box,paper shopping bag,gift bag,non woven bag. The products can be made with material of paper,cardboard,silk,leather,plastic,wood,non woven fabric etc.Xemda Packaging Co.,Ltd Xemda Color Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd

wooden box & paper box & paper shopping bag & gift box & jewelry box

The first Taiwan strait Printing & Packaging Show

The first Taiwan strait Printing & Packaging show to be held on 9-11, Nov 2009 in Quanzhou, Fujian, China. This show will invite printing company of Hongkong, Taiwan, East China and some other foreign famous enterprise.

The exhibition site is Jinjiang International Exhibition Center. The exhibition include packaging designing, packaging product, machine, material, new technology etc.


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