Laundry Tag-22mm
  Diameter  D 22 mm
  Thickness T 3.2 mm
  Working Frequency  125 KHz / 13.56 MHz
  Available Technology 125 KHz  EM4100, EM4102, EM4105, EM4450/4550, EM4569/4469, T5557, T5551, ATA5567, HITAG 1, HITAG 2, HITAG S256, HITAG S2048, GK4001.
    13.56 MHz MIFARE S50 (1K), MIFARE S70 (4K), MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE DESFire V0.6, I.CODE SLI, I.CODE SLI-S, MIFARE 1K compatible (SLE 66R35), Tag-it HF-I Plus(2048), Tag-it HF-I Pro(256), Tag-it Standard(256), LEGIC MIM256, LEGIC MIM1024, LEGIC Supertag, FeliCa RCS919, SR176, SRIX4K, LRI64, LRI2K, SRF 55V02S, SRF 55V10S.
  Reading Range Depending on the reader design
  Material  PPS
  Operating Temperature -25 to 90 (Centigrade)
  Storage Temperature C=Centigrade
    160 C for 50 Hours
    220 C for 30 Secs
  Assembly injection molding
  Approx. Weight 1.6 g
  Protection Class IP68
  Standard Color Black
  Packaging 1000 pcs / box
Laser Engraving
Pad Printing
  ID Numbering Laser Engraving
  Custom Size Available
  A Diameter: (+/-) 0.2 mm
  B Thickness: (+/-) 0.2 mm